HardDisk not showing up on My Computer

bought this hard disk some 15-20 days ago and it was working properly. From past 1 week I am experiencing a problem. The disk is getting connected to the system and the light is showing up and it is vibrating as well. But the problem is it is not showing up on My Computer and I am not able to access the contents of it.

Hi @Anugoonj_Mishra - Sorry to hear about your troubles. The first thing you are going to want to do is determine where the problem is. There are 3 major areas that could cause this issue:

  1. There could be a problem with the drive itself.

  2. There could be a problem with the USB cable between the Windows PC and the drive.

  3. There could be a problem with the Computer (or the port on the computer) itself preventing it from seeing the drive. This could be hardware or software.

In order to determine which of the three is the problem there are a few basic things that can be done:

First, if you have another short USB cable, replace the cable between the drive. If the drive starts working normally you know the issue is the cable.

Next, assuming it isn’t an issue with the cable, try plugging the drive into another Windows PC. Is it recognized there? If so, the issue is likely the computer, the OS, the port on the computer, or some combination of these. More troubleshooting is required to determine exactally where the problem is.

If the drive is not recognized on any computer, with any USB cable this is a clear sign that something is most likely wrong with the drive. There are some additional tests we can run to help verify this, but because you just purchased it 15-20 days ago, I would take it back to the store and exchange it for another unit. If the stores return policy won’t let you, you can also replace it under warranty but keep in mind that you would receive another used drive in its place (wheras at the store you’d get a new one) and it can take some time for the unit to arrive - before doing this, I’d recommend you post here again and we can walk you through running our Diagnostics program to verify that the drive is actually damaged.

I am having the same issue and it is not the cable nor the computer because no matter what cable or computer is used, the device will not show up under Computer. I have had this for years and it has always worked properly, but now it is not being recognized. I have tons of important files on it and would obviously like to be able to retrieve them if possible so could someone run me through what i should try next please? Help with this is greatly appreciated!

Hi Great_Scott,

Thanks for your reply. I have tried everything and nothing seems to be working for me. :frowning:
Please help me to run your diagnostics program to verify that the device is damaged.

Hi Hailey,

Any solution that you found for the issue that we are facing ?
Would love to hear something from you on the issue.