Harddisk error

issue : 2 weeks before it crashed and windows ask for chkdsk to repair 

two days ago found that it was offline ( still in usb external case)

today pulled out and test , show error code and smart C5 was about 3xx

wd tools quick test and extend test fail.

06 quick test on drive 2 did not complete ! Status code = 08 (Failed test element damaged by handling) , Failure Checkpoint = 106 (Unknown Test ) SMART self-test did not complete on drive2 

extended test result said 08 - too many bad sector detected

write zero i got " too many badsector "

_< this is 2TB re4-GP , one of the most best sata drive . And now i need to check another disk buought in same batch.

this is fail… 


You need to contact WD directly for a replacement order,  You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I would suggest returning it for a new replacement/refund rather than RMA for a refurbished one.