Hard wiring the WD?

Which is the best way to wire my setup?

Currently I am completely wireless; both my tower and the wd media player.  This wireless router is in the room with all my equipment.

The signal is weak and dodgy to say the least…

What is the easiest and best way to connect up using the CAT5 cables I have here?

Thanks for your help!!


Does your wireless router have ethernet ports as well? If so, connect both your media player and your tower to the router  via the Cat5 cables and reboot them.

If not, you would need to post more info about your router and internet connection to point you in the right direction.



to get this right;

connect one cat5 from the router to the tower for internet

connect a 2nd cat5 from the router to the WD live to better play the files?



Correct hook-up.  Anything that is wired vs wireless will most likely work better; especially if wireless signal is not spot on everywhere in the house.

wired Powerline Adaptors work pretty good to (i chose this option instead of wireless)

What sort of settings do I need to alter or enter on my WD after plugging it in directly to the router?



I personally just use on the WDTV

Setup > Network Settings > Network Setup > Automatic

and it works fine for me 

(my PC’s TCP/IP is also set to “Optain an IP address automatically”)