Hard wired TV hub won't appear as desk top drive

Hi there, dumb guy here…

WD TV Live Hub… Got it… Hooked it up… Loaded it.Eventually filled it… Used it for a few weeks then the other day the drive disappeared from “Computer” with windows vista.

The hub is hard wired to a router and I still have a connection to the web as I can still use youtube and other services and it even says I have a connection when tested 

The whole thing works fine except I can not see it as a drive on my computer

The only thing that changed was SHE bought a laptop and connected to the wireless part of a different router than the hub is connected to.

This has been going on for a few days of on and offs, reboots, and I even deleted some stuff from the drive all to no avail. 

I never set up a “network” and don’t know much about networking except I got this thing, plugged it in and after a little reading got it to work.

When I use the WD discovery program it says I need a password and I don’t think I ever made one… Whatever… I can’t seem to get any farther that way either.

I really want to see it as I did. Any ideas?

Please and thank you

You can map the drive again

use this app to map it and let me know how it goes

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Just check is your workgroup name changed from default: WORKGROUP? On PC or HUB.

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I “reset” the wd tv hub and also found the password to log in to the “wd discover” utility…

I don’t know which worked but it is back.

Thanks for responding.

The thing works good as a movie player but SSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUCKS! as a music player.