Hard reset to WD TV live

So I seemed to have royally messed with the video settings while trying to change another option (I wasn’t quite awake at this point…I’ll be sure not to play with settings while not quite lucid anymore!) :confounded:

At this point, the video is completely scrambled (the picture just quickly “pans” the screen) so I’m having trouble going back through the option menu again to attempt to reset it.  I then had the great idea to push the factory reset button but now instead of resetting video settings at all, it just reset my wireless network password info. I can’t decipher how to by-pass the password entry screen so that I can try to reset the video settings. 

So I read through a few posts, but I want to know if there’s a way to reset all to “real” factory settings? Keep in mind that I’m completely unable to decipher the video output.

Thanks so much!

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Push the rest button on the bottom of the SMP.  You’ll need a bend paper clip or toothpic to push it.

Thanks for the reply.   That was the reset button that I tried but only seemed to reset my wireless network info, not any of the video settings.

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First of all what password entry screen?

How are you connected to your TV - HDMI or composite?

If its HDMI try connecting via composite video.

Regarding the reset did you let the player boot up completely before pressing the reset button for a couple of seconds and then releasing. The player should reboot when you release the button.

If you were already on the composite output you could try pressing the reset button for over 10 seconds and then releasing, again with the player fully booted up, this will change the standard from NTSC to PAL or vice versa and may overcome your problem.

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Just to answer your question, I was referring to the screen where I needed to enter the wireless network key. (that’s what I meant about the password)

Yes thank you. Once I realised to hold the reset down the video settings were restored (I don’t know whether I toggled to NTSC or PAL or vice versa) but it worked. Thank you so much!! And thank you all for your quick replies! :smiley: