Hard Drives? and (dual) compatibility


I am looking to purchase a WDTV Live, but I am wondering about the PC or Mac compatibility, and specifically the use of the term “or”. I have a few questions I would really appreciate some answers to…

Would I be able to stream from both a Mac (HFS+) formatted and a windows (NTFS) formatted external HD or flash drive? Not at the same time obviously, but would I be able to swap between the two to access media I have stored on each, through the WDTV?

Would I also be able to transfer media from both my existing HD (Mac and Windows) onto the WDTV built in HD?

What format is the built in HD…? Do I need to determine whether it’s to be Windows or Mac? And if this is required, say I format the built in HD to windows, can I access media from an external Mac HD?

Thanks for any assistance…



I believe that you are posting on the wrong section of the forum.

This version of the media player does not have a internal hard drive.

Can you please provide us the model number of the unit that you are trying to buy?