Hard drive upgrade on a PC

I appreciate your advice. I have a DELL XPS8500 about 5 years old , running windows 10 newest current version , Intel 7 processor with a 2TB harddrive and 16gb ram. I have lots of photos and also have a WD cloud backup so I need storage. I want to replace my C Drive with a new drive as failure is in every drives future so I want a new hard drive.

MY QUESTION , My system had a 2TB drive as the main drive so when I upgrade can I go with a larger drive and how large ? the larger the better what is the limit of how large I can install.

I see acronis true image is a free software with a new drive , i have some skills so I am asking is the instructions/ software user friendly where I may do it myself. I would like to CLONE my drive to a new larger hard drive and go from 2TB , to as large as I can and hopefully do it myself.

So basically How large of a drive can i install and is it something I can do myself

Thank you , I am hoping a 6Tb will work in my system.

I recently purchased a new drive which came with the Acronis software, however it has become something of a nightmare. I have been unable to register my drive as the serial number is rejected. As such this impacts on being able to install and activate the Acronis software.

The WD product registration and support case share the same field layout and I cannot therefore even get a direct answer.from WD.

I hope your activities go better than mine…

I did contact WD support , using the Phone number . They were very friendly and helpful so I suggest calling them. It may solve your problem pretty quickly.

Hello Tony thank you for your advice I will indeed call them in the morning, I was reluctant as sometimes when you call global companies you end on hold for ages.