Hard Drive Undetected

Hi Guys,

Ive had a 1TB Western Digital hard drive for well over a year now and never had any porblems, so about 2 months ago i decided to invest in a 2TB Harddrive

Ive been running both with no problems for the last 2 months, however yesterday all of a sudden for no reason that i can come up with the 2TB hard drive just dissapeared from “my computer” and i can no longer see or access it

The flashing lights are still active which suggests the Drive is still “alive” but ive tried it on 2 other computers and had no response at all

It cant be a driver problem as the 1TB hard drive still works perfectly

ive also tried checking the device manager section and it cannot be found that way either

any help would be much appreciated



   Even I am facing th same problem… I bought 1TB My Passport a month ago and it was working fine untill yesterday… Suddenly it stopped working… I also see that there is no disk spin going on when I touch and feel that, but there is a LED blinking like what u said… Can u check whether there is a disk spin going on ur device?


Yes mate, there is no disk spinning

Compared it to the 1TB and you can feel the difference in the vibrations

I.E  for the (Broken) 2TB there are no vibrations