hard drive temperature

My system pc
Mini Case
Acer x4630g
Ram 32 g
Cpu i5 4440
Power 220w (12 pin and 4 pin) no 20 or 24 pin))
Vga intel 4600
Hhd 500 g (This hard drive had no temperature problem)

  1. Remove hhd old and l bought a new hdd 8tb ,wd Ultrastar hc320
  2. After installing new hdd and install Windows 10 and,after
  3. In program hhd disk sentinel. … temperature hdd 59 c !!!
    This means that the hard drive temperature was initially 26 degrees Celsius, after a few minutes of operation, the drive temperature to 59 degrees.
    Why? Please help me please help for solving problem
    Please help me
    Please help me