Hard drive started going bad, replaced it under rma, copied files are corrupted!

Okay gang, I need some help here.  As state in the title, the files copied over to the replacement drive just fine, and they show up as the correct size and with the correct file extentions, but none of them will open.  Their respective programs give various errors about not being the right file types.  Documents, pictures, videos, etc…all of them!

Please tell me there’s a way to repair these files!?!?

So, I just ran a program called “file repair” on one of the files.  It comes back saying “your file is empty”, even though it’s a 1.5gb file.  I just copied the file off the machine I replaced the hard drive in and it definitley copied 1.5gb…it wasn’t an instant copy.

There’s gotta be a way to fix this…

dude you will need to keep searching for apps for that

data repair and recovery is a trial an error type of thing…

if one software does not work look for a different one