Hard drive sign changed on Mac desktop

Hello girls and boys,

I purchased a while ago the My Book Elite. It took me 2 days to make it work on my Mac snow leopard and to understand the connection with time machine. I transfered all my necessary files from my old harddrive and renamed the new My Book. For the first 2 days the normal orange, or in some cases, white harddrive icon showed up on my desktop. After 2 days this icon changed in a grey up standing harddrive with a kind of speed meter/clock looking icon beside it. I just want to be sure that this is not a sign for damage or any other kind of problem, since I am affraid to loose my files on the new My Book.

My My Book is not permanently plugged in and I only connect it when I want to use files on it.

Looking forward for any response from the professionals.

Thank you


Hi there, that’s the sign Time Machine is working with the drive, as TM changes the icon to the one you describe to one the following one: