Hard drive scanning software?

Could someone recommend me a software to deep scan my hard drive and find out if it has any faults with it? When the hard drives boots up it gives a grinding / scraping kind of noise for about 1 second and after that seems to run very silently. I have heard a scan might not detect a physical fault if there is one, but I think it’s worth doing.

Most people seem to recommend seagate or other software, but I am wondering if there is a WD software that is just as good, and not too slow. I have just installed XP on the drive, but not much else yet.

Hi yes Wd have a program called data lifeguard you can get the windows or dos version just click the download button on this page.  http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=612&sid=3   . I would try Hard Disk Sentinel it is good also remember to look at the smart data to see if there are spin up problems or other like bad sectors. If it was my hard drive and was doing that I would just rma it before it fails.

Wow, I didn’ think a sound like that meant imminent failure. My current hard drive has been making similar noises for years, only it makes them sometimes when the computer is running. I bought the drive second hand so I guess that is a good reason. I can’t return it to Western Digital as I have no warranty.

Would a scan give me any idea if the hard drive was going to fail. I have heard stories of scans showing the hard drive as being OK when the person scanning the drive knows it has a physical flaw.

Hi well as I said try a copy of Hard Disk Sentinel it should tell you.

Thanks. The grinding sound I was getting turned out to be my diskette drive. That means there was probably nothing wrong with my previous WD drive. I will scan this one anyway. I do get another sound now when shutting the computer down, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that is coming from a CD-Rom drive or something.