Hard drive reports 63% used but nothing stored on it yet


Hope someone can help - I have a 1Tb MBWEdition and after setting it up it showed that the hdd was 2/3 full! I have not yet loaded any data to the drive and when I check the drive in explorer it only shows some directories (public and download and the ones I set up in configure) which are all basically empty.

I have the latest firmware on the unit and can not find where any data is or how to free up the drive to get the max space available. Any ideas on what may have happended - I thought it might have been possible to re-format the unit but can not find out how to do this or if it will sort out the problem is I could.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.



Try to do a factory restore from the advanced mode dashboard, that will delete any data that the my book has inside.