Hard Drive replacement questions

I have seen people with some success replacing the internal drives of the WD Live Hub with larger units.

I was interested to know the following:

a) What is the largest size permissible by the firmware and hardware - can it recognise a drive larger than 2TB?

b) Would there be any advantage OR difficulty replacing the internal drive with a hybrid drive?
(assuming a cost effective hybrid drive makes the market soon, would the solid-state cache of 20Gb or so help the private partition, media library and wallpapers, etc? Would the hardware be recognised by the unit, and would the drive cache and serve from the solid state portion as it is supposed to?)

c) Are there any products WD are looking to release in the near future to replace the existing WD Live Hub lineup?

(Getting harder to find Live Hubs)


At least from our end, not sure if that’s possible, since the firmware of the unit are designed to work with the drive that came with it.

Seems some people have managed to do it; however the next part of the questions remain unanswered. I’m particularly keen to know if there are any future plans to replace it with a bigger, badder, kick-butt unit, before I turn to a media-enabled PVR or even a home theatre PC with mega storage to take care of the needs I have.

Storage is one of those things you will never have enough of, regardless of how big a drive you can find a way to cram into a Hub. Why not add a NAS or a File Server to your network that is expandable and keep your media there? I don’t keep any of my movies or TV series on my HUB. It’s all on a file server that has expandable external bays attached to it. Need more storage? Just add another drive or two to one of the bays.

Even if you can mod your Hub to fit a 3TB or even a 4TB drive it in, it’ll just be a matter of time till that’s full and you are looking for more drive space anyways


I already have 2x 2Tb WD MyBook Lives on the network. It’s not about absolute storage space.

I just wanted to up the storage a little bit for some breathing space, and was more concerned with giving the machine itself a little more ‘oomph’ when loading stuff and so forth with the hybrid SSHD.

a) Since currently the largest 2.5 in. hard drive of WD is 2TB, 2TB will be the largest.

b) Most probably, the hub won’t recognize the hybrid drive because the hub is not designed for such.

c) Yes but what it is and when it will be available, no one knows unless you’re one of the people in WD involved in it.