Hard drive repairs

I have a WD1002FAEX ready to be returned as a RMA. The BIOS can see a drive attatched but does not identify it and reports 0gb. I have a considerable amount of data on this drive and I think maybe just the eprom is corrupted. Can this be fixed and the drive returned to me if the rest of the drive is functionable? I realize that I would have to pay for the replacement drive that was sent under the RMA.

A bad EEPROM would fail the drive’s own POST, in which case the drive wouldn’t spin up. If the drive does spin up, then there may be a problem in one or more of the firmware modules in the System Area on the platters, or perhaps the drive has a bad head.

can hear nothing – I assume that the drive does not spin up

One legitimate reason why a good drive may not power up is if it is configured to Power Up In Standby (PUIS). WD’s drives have a PM2 jumper for this purpose. Alternatively, a drive could be configured for PUIS via a Set Features subcommand.

Drive was working. Hung up in middle of a large file copy. Rebooted and drive was recognized and disappeared from W7. Rebooted again and drive was gone from W7 but recognized in BIOS as stated in original message. Case was not opened and physical drive was not touched.

If it is a board fault, then a repair should cost you no more than US$50.