Hard drive recovery


I was browsing a website called 4chan the other day when I stumbled across a thread explaining how to make a ‘triforce’ in a text box.  The instructions said to open a notepad file, type:

@echo off
del c:\WINDOWS\system32

and save it as Triforce.bat.  I tried this, but my hopes of creating a triforce were crushed when the screen went black with a big error message.

Naturally, I went on another computer, found the same thread, and asked the people at 4chan for advice again.  They told me to put a Windows disk into the computer, reset it, and keep pressing F8 until it gives me an option to boot from disk.

My computer runs Vista, but I didn’t have a Vista disk, so I used an XP disk instead.  Apparently, that uninstalls Vista and installs XP in its place.  I asked them for advice again and they told me I had to remagnatize my hard drive by running my strongest magnet over it seven times in one direction.

After I did this, I turned my computer back on and was given the same ‘insert system disk’ message, and the hard drive started clicking a lot.

So, I resolved to stop taking advice from 4chan and come to a legitimate computer company for help.  How do I undelete my hard drive and recover all my files?

If you used your XP disk and actually tried to reinstall, you’ve basically wasted your system.  You may want to take your computer to someone who can help you to retrieve your data.  They had you delete you system 32 folder, so that windows wouldn’t load up.  But, you should have been able to put your hard drive in an external USB case and copy off the data, so you can reinstall windows on the drive.  But like I said, you may want to take this to someone who can help you with your computer.

is this post for real?

peterainbow wrote:

is this post for real?

Who knows, but I answered just in case it was.