Hard drive questions before buying?

Currently the western digital my passport essential SE portable 1TB is only £90 from currys, would you guys say its worth it? I’m a uni student at the moment so can’t be having all this SES driver ribbish popping up on each computer I use. The hard drive will also have to be formatted into two partitions for linux and windows. 

Is it not just possible to boot into gparted and manually remove the whole virtual CD drive from there, and just create a new partition table? Or any other way of doing a low level format, or will the virtual CD and crapware still stick through that? And how many people would say they can’t move their drive at all without it disconnecting? Thanks, Adam.

The virtual partition will stay there no matter what. However you can disable and hide the VCD. The instructions are located on the WD website.

that’s an encrypted drive also. so, if you lose the password, you lose the data.  you could also go for the elements portable.  I have one and I like it. 

The only idea I don’t like about encrypted EXTERNAL drives is, there’s always going to be that small chance of if you knock the connection when it’s doing something it could corrupt the encryption part, lost all your data then :confused: I haven’t seen the elements portable in 1TB, portable, and USB3 though :confused: All of which I need. 

there is the my book 3.0 that doesn’t have encryption, but it’s a desktop and not a portable drive.  the only portable drives for now that use usb 3.0 are also encrypted.

ah **bleep**, that’s annoying. Ah well doesn’t sound like I have much choice then. Annoying you can’t just encrypt one partition… I need one for windows and mac/linux but I can’t encrypt it on windows because I wont be able to run the encryption software on linux then… ¬_¬

If you’re looking to encrypt one partition, then you’re looking at getting software encryption to do that.  you might have to do some research, but I’m sure there’s software out there.  the only problem I see if finding something that will do both windows and linux. 

but I’d be careful not to use any encryption software with the smartware drive.  you could cause problems, because that drive is already hardware encrypted.

Honestly, don’t use an encryption software with a drive that use Smartware, I have read nasty post of people having lost of issues.

hi im lookingat buying an Western Digital Elements 2 TB External Desktop Hard Drive,but i wanto know first weather i can set it up to my tv as well as my computer,because i want to put my films on it then attach it straight to my hd tv and watch them through it,or is there any other wd tech that can do it