Hard drive not showing on my computer or disk management

hi guys , i know this problem has been mentioned before … but i tried the soloution that worked and its not making any diff.
my hard drive has been corrupted , so after i tired all the means so i do not format it . nothing worked
when i finally came to format , the drive no longer shows at my computer
i went to disk mangement (its not showing) , shortened the USB cable and its still not working…
please help , i bought the drive 2 months ago and i cant afford a new one

i seems you already tried any means, so the best option for you right now is to call wd and ask then to replace your drive. since you bought it 2 mos ago for sure you are still in warranty…

hi guys the same things has happened to mine, except my computer recognises that its there but it doesnt show up when i go into my computer, and also when i plug it in to my tv everythings fine, any idea how i can find the drive on my computer or at least retrieve all the stuff that on it.