Hard drive not readin on dvd player

Hey i have a 1tb hard drive p/n WD10000H1U-00 i originally had no problems with using the hard drive on my computer or plugging it into my dvd player via the usb cable supplied, but i recently gave it to a friend who put some movies and music onto it and now when i plug it into my dvd player it doesn’t read it. The dvd player comes up with no data. Any ideas??

Is it possible your friend reformatted the drive? Many devices require a drive to be formatted FAT32 (which has a file size limit). It’s possible your friend converted it to NTFS in order to put a large movie onto it.

Another possiblity of course is that the drive was damaged in transit (it’s pretty common). A small drop, or even a good vibration (like if you drove over a bumpy road at a decent speed) could have done it.