Hard drive not detected when plugged in other computer

hey there, i have a my book essential 3tb which works fine with my laptop (wd smartware installed) but could not be detected when its plugged into a different computer… it first started when i tried to plug it into my friends laptop which is on mac and then plugged into another computer which is running on windows vista…both could not detect my hard drive… is there any reason to this or do i need to install wd smartware before this hard drive could be detected? thanks in advance

best regards,


Hi there.

On Vista Smartware is not needed, but you may need the SES drivers as Windows needs drivers to install a device.

On the Mac, unless he was running  10.5 or later I don’t it can work well… Plus the drive was going to be read-only, so you were only going to be able to see the files on the MyBook and take them out, you would not be able to copy files from the Mac without an additional configuration.