Hard drive no longer boots!

So the other day i boot my laptop and “NO BOOTABLE DEVISE FOUND” i contact lenovo and they say “its a month out of warrenty, take it to a computer shop and test the hard drive.” The hard drive isnt working so i call them again and they say “on the service shop you can buy a new one.” they no longer stock the drive!! can not find a replacemnt anwhere not even on the WD site. Its a 5mm ultra slim with a very strange non standard SATA connection. Im really stuck with what to do as i dont want to give up on the laptop, after all its only 1 year and 1 month old. Its a WD5000MPCK

    desperate for any help!!



I would like to know if you were able to solve your issue.

Hi @webberrrrrr i had a problem with my hard drive not too long ago, and i sent it to the link down below, he helped me out, and had my drive working 100% in a respectable amount of time!(http://datarecoveryguy.com/)

search on ebay that specific drive my friend

good luck