Hard drive keep disappearing

Hi this is my first time here in this community forum. I am having a problem with my hard drive. It has been almost a week and I can’t get the help to get it fix. It’s a hard drive that got sent to me from WD for a replacement. It’s the one with the black label.

The drive keeps disappearing weather it is connected internally or externally. It will show the drive and about 10 seconds later it will disappear… It will go on a loop for about 20 times before it gives up. The first sign of problem with the drive was when I boot up windows 7 it will ask me to do a disk check. I thought that was weird since I’m just using the drive as a backup. I decline it everytime as I thought it could be a virus… I did the disk check with in windows and that didn’t solve the problem.

I’ve try doing a disk check now but I can’t… So any suggestion on how to diagnose this issue? All I want is to get my data back out of that hard drive…

It’s a 1.5TB HDD

There is no clicking coming from the hard drive and I’ve used the western digital data life gaurd tools and it come out to me in between quick test that there are too many bad sector. 


If I may ask. Have you test the drive on a different computer with a different cable?

If you are connecting the drive externally, make sure that the power adapter of the enclosure is connected directly to the wall out let.