Hard Drive Idle Sounds


Were there any other noises from the WD2003FZEX 2TB hard drives like the 5 sec tics from the 4TB Gold? If not, I am cancelling my replacement and will order one from Amazon and give it a try.


I don’t recall hearing any other noises, except for the strange spindown noise which sounded like a dying cow.


Well, now I have even more interesting information on the currently installed 4TB Gold drive. It has stopped making the 5 sec tic tic tic sounds and is operating normally. Go figure. So, due to the activity light issue and previous noise issues I have decided to try one more 4TB Gold replacement. If that turns out bad, I’m just going to install an old 1TB Black that I have until WD gets these issues resolved.

I guess the most important discovery here is the fact that the drive should not be making the noise as is now evidenced by it being ok originally, then starting the 5 sec tic tic tic noise and now back to not making the noise.


I’m done with WD Golds and WD Blacks. Given recent experiences, they’re simply more trouble than they’re worth. Plus the whole rebadged HGST thing screams trouble to me.

As for the exact hard drive brand and model which will replace the problematic WD Golds… I remain undecided. For desktop performance, I’ve decided to finally take the plunge and get an SSD, one which is NOT made by Western Digital.


I made the switch to SSD several years ago to breath life into an aging PC. With the prices coming down and sizes getting larger, they can easily replace the OS drive with no problem. I have experience with an early crucial SSD and several Intel SSD’s and will never go back to a mechanical HD for the OS drive. However, I still need extra storage and I tried doing it first through an external HD and found that not having a drive readily available made me lazy doing backups but most importantly it was a pain to constantly deal with the external drive. The primary reason for me to install a mechanical HD as a secondary data storage drive is because I nearly lost my financial data (Quicken took a dump) just after I had entered a substantial amount of information. I realized at that point that it was imperative to have that data backed up daily so that at worst case I am only one day out if it were to happen again. So far it has never happened again but I am pretty sure it was a Quicken issue and not an issue with the SSD.

So in short, SSD for OS, MHD for storage, Backup of SSD important files to MHD daily. Image SSD after any windows updates or major changes once confirmed to be working properly. Then, make an external backup of the mechanical internal HD once every 3 - 6 months depending on changes to system and data.

[quote=“dswv42, post:46, topic:199915”]
As for the exact hard drive brand and model which will replace the problematic WD Golds… I remain undecided.
[/quote] My thought is to just use my 1 TB Black in hopes WD will get these issues ironed out and revisit a replacement at a later date. If some other manufacturer is getting rave reviews, I will make the switch to them at that time.


After much consideration, I finaly decided to buy a certain hard drive from Amazon to see if it was both reliable and quiet. However, I discovered yet another wrinkle in this seemingly endless quest (NIGHTMARE) to buy some damned hard drives.

Amazon, in all their greedy wisdom, decided that I, as a lowly non-Prime member, could not purchase the hard drive unless I paid for Prime. There is no chance in hell I will be forced into paying for Prime, so I’m now looking at alternate possibilities. Fortunately, there are many non-Amazon merchants (Newegg, etc) to choose from, but their return policy is a critical factor I will not overlook.

If sheeple would only learn to fight this nonsense, companies would quickly wise up when their profit margins fell through the floor. Defective products, and now double dipping… what’s next? Corporate greed is really starting to tick me off.


Wow!!! Hate to hear that. I do have Prime but hate that they no longer price match. Not sure if you are aware but camelcamelcamel has price history for Amazon. Very worthwhile to review prior to purchase if you are not in a hurry.

My replacement has now been pushed out to after 5/19 due to stock.

I buy a pretty good bit of stuff from both amazon and newegg but you have to be wary of both of their return policies. Some are down right crazy.

Agree with you 100%, corporate greed is getting out of hand especially the cable companies with the monopolies that are being created.

WD level II was supposed to call me. Was told that by two different reps. Have not Heard a word… IMAGINE that!!!

Oh BTW, I just found this and You need to read this: (It has been changed)


Indeed, it does appear to have been changed. However, in typical Western Digital fashion, no meaningful answers are provided.

The 4-5 second clicks are supposedly normal, and they supposedly have something to do with inport/export compliance, whatever that’s suposed to mean, but this says nothing about what is actually causing the noise. Telling me it’s “normal” is unacceptable, especially without facts to back up this statement. Better yet, I want a way to disable this annoying “feature”, which I personally believe to be nothing more than planned obsolescence in disguise.

Personally, I’m tired of playing Russian roulette with Western Digital products. The PR4100 NAS will be my last WD NAS device, simply because I think the My Cloud OS is a disaster and it seems to be loaded with useless analytics garbage, which I’m still working to permanently remove. As for mechanical high-capacity hard drives, I decided to try Toshiba for a change. A single 6TB Toshiba hard drive was actually cheaper than either of the problematic WD Gold 4TB hard drives, and if it passes the test of time, I will buy three more just like it.

Western Digital had their chance, but they blew it… time and time again.


Please let me know how that works out. I am still dumbfounded with the lack of information from WD concerning this issue. What complicates it for me is the fact that my 2nd drive is no longer making the 4-5 sec. tics. If it were not for the HD activity light issue it would now be considered a perfect drive:)


Well, I now have a 1TB Black (Old Stock) in my computer due to the POS WD is sending out. Amazon overnighted the drive to me due to the delays in stock and what do I get… A drive that is in an unopened factory bag from WD with a damaged seal on it. Seal was not completely punctured but it was enough that WD would probably not cover it under warranty if needed down the road.

So poke me with a fork WD, I’m DONE until you get your act together on the WD Gold Drives!!!

Also, I was totally amazed at how much faster the PC boots now and guess what… It is as quiet as a church mouse!!!

Now to figure out how to do my backups to the smaller drive. (:cry:


The Toshiba X300 6TB hard drive arrived today, and while it will take several days to fully test it, I can already see a remarkable difference between it and any WD hard drive I’ve ever owned. Unlike Western Digital hard drives, the Toshiba hard drive is dead silent. In fact, it’s so silent that I had to check device manager just to be certain it was recognized by my computer.

Given the fact that I have limited time to return the WD Gold 4TB hard drives, I think I’m going to skip my normal testing method and simply copy all my data to the 6TB hard drive, then wipe the free space to ensure that every sector has been written to at least once. Afterwards, I will check the S.M.A.R.T. attributes again to ensure that no errors have suddenly appeared.

Overall, unless something goes wrong, which I doubt will be the case, I’m extremely pleased with my decision to finally ditch Western Digital and give Toshiba a try.


Hope it turns out well for you. As far as my situation, I am done for now. The 1TB Black (2015) is performing as it should and my system is quite. I wish there were a way for us to have a conversation outside of this site as I have some info I would like to share but not for…well you get the message. At least for now this nightmare has ended…


Send me a PM and I will tell you how to contact me directly.


How is the 6TB Toshiba doing?


The Toshiba X300 6TB hard drive has performed flawlessly so far. It’s very fast and does not make any idle noises, acting and sounding very much like a standard hard drive. It makes a little noise while performing heavy read/write operations, but that’s to be expected from high capacity hard drives due to the areal density of the platters. In other words, it’s just the nature of the beast. Overall, I’m very satisfied, as long as they stand the test of time.




Is it possible WDGOLD with strange noise to complain for my supplier? I want mooney back, because I dont trust hdd with strange noise, he cant 100% OK?


The only way you will know is to ask your supplier. The best answer anyone could provide under these circumstances is to say yes or no, with a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong. Asking this type of question on a forum without stating the purchase date or supplier name is unlikely to yeild any useful answers.


Has anyone tried to complain this problem?


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