Hard drive has tin foil taped to it - All In One computer

This All In One (AiO) computer had a hard drive failure. The hard drive has tin foil wrapped around it. It is sticky on one side and I had to peel away to get it to fit in my carrier for testing.

What’s the reason for this from the manufacturer or this could be a refurbished unit.

Thanks. Darryl


AFAIK, Non of the WD Drives comes wrapped in tin foil. Sound like the manufacturer of the computer did some work on that unit.

that is enought to kill the hard drive :open_mouth:

where is the heat gonna dissipate?’ that is serious stupid work :confused:

since foil can be used as a anti-static bag; i’m wondering if they thought the computer (a all in one) was ‘shocking’ the drive and therefore tin foil wrapped the drive; i mean this stuff is one side sticky that is professionally put on with cutouts and everything…

I think it’s meant to protect the PCB from accidental shorting. Heat should be able to dissipate through the foil.

okay if you say so… didnt know that

i would prefer to not protect the PCB and not subject the drive to this madness… all my wd drives work fine and dont need this

but i think its impossible to have the same temperature on PCB with or without that thin foil so it should in theory be avoided