Hard drive failure

i use a WD3200B EVT on my laptop which is running on windows 7 professional. their was no sign of any sooth and i just put the system on and after it came up (booted) i was on it and noticed i couldnt browse so i restarted the system after restarting the system (booted) , it just came up showing me my desktop and hung their, notting else was working. i have tried connecting it as an external drive to another system but after it spins for some time i hear a tweek sound and it stops. please how can i resolve this crisis because i have photography jobs for people on it and i need this documents.

Regards .


Hi you can run a test on the drive with WD data lifeguard and see what it tells you. If the drive came with your laptop it has one year warranty from the manufacture of your laptop. If you can not get it to test or it wont show in bios your only option to get the data is a data recovery company which can be expensive. I imagine you know this by now but you should always keep a backup of your important data on a different drive. Sorry but those are the facts.