Hard drive error .... help!

well story my second hdd caused problems like shut down with BSOD so i decided to check it with western digital tool but when i checked all my data have been lost and 2 partitions was access denied and said bad sector and then i decided to write zero on it then programme came with error sector … in write zero i restarted my system and made write zero again these time the write zero completed so after i formatted the had drive
i run spinrite programme and checked 1 partition which is C out of the 3 and didn’t check the other two because it would take long time but the first partition result was ok no error found

and again i run chkdsk and didn’t found bad sector but the problem now that in C: partition i can see there is 5 gb in use wbich is not normal because the whole hard drive is empty so how come there is 5gb in use in the drive C: which has no files inside it

in hdd tune pro says in reallocatted sector count current 200 worst 200 threshold 140 data 0 health ok

any help would be appreciated

Even though chkdsk is not recognizing back sectors, that sound like the problem that you have, if the HDD is still under warranty, replace it.