Hard drive does not work after updating drivers

I updated drivers for my drive model number wdbaaf0010hbk and now it does not work.

I go to my computer and it says it is a cd drive and it will not open.

I just updated the latest drivers.  I run windows 7


Hi there, do you mean the drivers or the firmware? o.o

Anyway, did you check on disk management (right-click computer> manage> disk management)? If you made a firmware update then the drive won’t show up until you disconnect it (From both the USB cable and power adapter) for a few minutes…

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i brought a WD elements external hardrive. 1.5tb

i had been using my device for a few months now with no problems until i let my friend copy some stuff and when she went to transfer the items the external wouldnt show up and said that the driver for this device couldnt be found.so i thort it myt have just been her computer, but i plugged it in to my computer and it did the same thing.now it just says the same thing over and over with the light on ( no blinks)

help me please important stuff on hardrive.


The drive maybe corrupt since it was used on another computer. Try TestDisk http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk maybe that will fix things.