Hard drive disconnects and computer shuts down


I had bought two 1 TB Western Digital Cavier Green hard drives  (wd10 eads, wd10 ears). I had partitioned these two disks to two more so total four drives appear on Windows XP Home Edition Explorer.

Now suddenly the drives get disconnect or computer shuts down. I had tried these on two computers, same on both. I thought it is the power problem, but not now?

Is there any utility which I have to install so that I can improve my performance?

Thanks in advance

If you are using these drives on XP, then yes you need a utility for formatting the WD10EARS drive.  It’s a 4k drive and XP can’t align it properly like Vista and 7 can.  Go to the downloads page for your drive and download the format utility.

Now the situation is the hard drive is full of data. Can I run the utility even though I have data. Or it will format the drive. As The drive is full of data.

Actually I changed the sata power cable and it was working fine and also I have made power setting for shutting down hard drives after five minutes.

Is it OK to run the utility even if my drive contains data?

Thanks for the reply.