Hard Drive Disappeared. Again

My Book Elite has left me once again. 1tb.

It is no longer listed in “Device Manager” or in “Computer”.

It has disappeared the exact same way my previous WD external hard drive did.

How can I troubleshoot this issue.

The last time this happened, I ended up purhcasing a new ext. hard drive, and copying the contents.

Lucky I had made a copy for a friend.

This one is about two years old.  I am running Vista 32 bit.

Thanks in Advance.


I’ll suggest you to go by the basic troubleshooting techniques such as :

  • Connect the drive to a different computer.

  • Test your drive using the WD DLG tool.

  • Replace the USb cable.

I have tried two steps.  I cannot run the tool if the drive is not listed anywhere.  Cannot run the tool if the computer doed not know it has a device connected.

It also will not work on my wifes laptop.  As if it was not connected.

Tried another cable too.

It as if the drive is not even connected to the computer.

I have a steady fashing light on the front.