Hard Drive Crash?

I’m not sure what exactly is going on, but I’m guessing that the hard drive in My Cloud has died. 

This morning I woke up to the light not being blue (yellowish?) So I just left it alone because I didn’t need any files or anything from it. But I’ve been trying to get it working for the last hour and I think it died on me. 

I tried to unplug the power cord for a few minutes, but it just sounds like the hard drive kerchunks. I’ve tried the Reset while it’s already on and it doesn’t do anything. I tried holding down Reset with the power cord unplugged then plugging it in while keep Reset pressed. Nothing. I made sure all the cables were firmly seated. Nothing. 

So I’m at my wit’s end and worried that I lost all my **bleep** backups that I’d saved. 

Any suggestions would be MOST welcome!

According to the WD My Cloud User Manual the following is a description of the front status LED and potential causes.

State: Power Off
Color: None
State Description: Displays if the device is unplugged.

State: Power On
Color: White
Appearance: Flashing
State Description: Displays when you first apply power to the unit.

State: Initializing                       
Color: White
Appearance: Solid
State Description: device has begun loading the Operating System (OS).

State: Ready
Color: Blue
Appearance: Solid
State Description: The OS is now ready.

State: Standby
Color: Blue
Appearance: Pulsing
State Description: Unit is in HDD standby mode.

State: Attention
Color: Yellow
Appearance: Blink
State Description: The following circumstances trigger this state:
     • Disk thermal warning threshold exceeded (under or over temp)
     • Network cable not inserted

State: Fault/action required
Color: Red
Appearance: Solid
State Description: The following faults trigger this state:
     • Disk SMART failure
     • Data volume does not exist
     • System volume does not exist
     • System thermal shutdown (75°C)

If there is a lot of content stored on the WD My Cloud it may take the unit quite a bit of time (hours) to scan the drive contents and enter a ready state (blue led).

**bleep**. So leave it plugged in overnight and it might resolve itself? /facepalm

I’ll give it a shot, thanks!