Hard Drive compatibility help needed


I have an issue I need help with. I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop (L305-S5944) that needs a new hard drive. It currently has a WD Scorpio Blue WD2500BEVS-26VAT0 drive. I have found one on ebay that seems to be the same, it is listed as a WD2500BEVS-26VAT0. However, on my original drive the characters for the heading labled DCM are HBNT JBNB while the ebay one has HANT JBNB.

Are these drives compatible? Is it just a plug and play and I just have to install an OS?

Thanks in advance,


Hi I have replaced a few drives in older Toshiba laptop’s and have not had any problem with any model of the blue drives so you could for example use a 500 gig one or even if you wanted the faster black series. You are running a sata 2 controller so it will have no problem’s