Hard Drive Compatibility for My Cloud PR2100

Hello WD community,
I purchased an 8TB MyCloud PR2100 earlier this year to use as a plex server. So far it’s been a great experience! I opted to keep the Raid 1 setup for quality and performance and was left with roughly 4TB of space. Right now I’m sitting at about half a TB and I’m looking into expanding my storage capacity. I found some great info on expanding storage HERE.
So i know this can be done, as it should be, but what isn’t addressed in this discussion and my question: What is the largest drive size i can use to upgrade my PR2100?
Because I’d like to get 2x10TB drives, but according to WD the highest capacity HD the PR2100 supports is 8TB. Normally I would go off what the manufacturer says, but I know i’ve seen PR2100’s online that come with 20TB storage. Is it possible to upgrade the storage capacity of my PR2100 with 2x10TB drives? Or should I play it safe and go with the 2x8TB drives?

I’m in the same boat - I want to upgrade to a much larger drive, but the list of “compatible” hard drives is paltry and mostly lists the SMR using WD Red drives. However, larger drives (+10TB) are so expensive, I don’t feel great buying 2 of them only to find out they don’t work with the PR2100. I would’ve thought there would be a good list of other drives folks had successfully used, but so far my Internet scouring has turned up nothing useful.

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I ended up successfully upgrading to two WD Red 10TB hard drives. I followed the instructions from e30legacy here: Increase storage on PR2100...help please!
Navigate to NAS dashboard > Storage > Make sure Auto Rebuild is “On” > Make sure Raid 1 is selected > Check the box labeled “Expand Capacity” > Click “Next” and follow instructions.
You will be prompted to eject one drive from your NAS and insert the new higher capacity drive. It is a long process, took the better half of a day for me with about 6 TB of data across my original 2 drives. Make sure to turn off Plex or any other apps before this process to ensure a smooth process. I’m not sure how the PR2100 will react to Hard Drives above 10 TB, but 10 TB drives worked for me. Now I’m sitting pretty with 20 TB of storage. Not too shabby! Hope this helps. Good Luck!