Hard Drive Casuing BSOD's and Disk Read Errors

Hi all,

My first post so I’m not sure if this is in the right place, let me know if I need to move it. I have a WDC wd10ezex-60zf5a0 and am getting blue screens of deaths (BSOD) and disk read errors from the BIOS. I did some tests on other components and they all turned up clean, but my disk bought up these errors:


Final image in link form because I’m not allowed to post more than 2 pictures yet :confused:. Any solutions/suggestions that don’t involve spending my life’s savings would be helpful,


that app is designed for HDD. you should use the WD SSD Dashboard to check the health of the SSD.

For BSOD issues get the memory dump and use a tool like whocrashed to analyze the memory dump and that should give you a better i dea of what is causing the BSOD.

WD10EZEX-60zf5a0 is a 3.5 HDD.

This post is in the wrong thread…No biggie either way. I’m sure someone will chime in.

With my limited knowledge I would say go buy a new drive and be done with it unless there is still some warranty left on this one. You could also run the WD disk diag software which I think can give you an error number to use in you RMA to WD.

But FYI I just searched this drive model and these things can be had 1TB model for 50 USD or less.

ah your right I didn’t notice that. I would still suggest looking at the memory dump to see what is causing the BSOD.