Hard drive - can not initialize (WD3200AAJS)

HI, i am trying to save data for a friend from a “failed” hard drive (his first born daughter pics).

Western Digital WD3200AAJS Internal SATA drive.

The drive shows in the Computer Management, but I cannot initialize the disk, I have the error message: “Incorrect Function”.

When i run diskpart , detail disk, I have the below:

SCSI Disk Devise

Disk ID: 00000000

Type: SATA

Status: Online

Path: 5

Target: 0


Location path: PCIROOT(0)#ATA9C05T00L00)

Current Read-omly state: Yes

Read-only: Yes

Boot Disk: No

Pagefile Disk: No

Hibernation File Disk: No

Crashdump Disk: No

Clustered Disk: No

There are no volumes.

and if i try to run Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS, when i boot from the usb I have some message saying something like: Error reading partition table drive 03h sector 0Error reading partition table…

I can hear the drive spinning.

any suggestion?



Hi Peff59. I would not recommend trying to initialize or do any type of modification to the drive as this could cause additional data loss if the data is possibly recoverable. I would recommend using some type of recovery software to try and read the drive instead.

WD is partnered with several Data Recovery companies and some of them offer free software to try and see if the data is recoveryable. I included a link below: