Hard drive bad cluster issue [WD5000AAKX-221CA0 ]


I am using 500 GB internal hard drive model # [WD5000AAKX-221CA0]  . i have purchased on jully-28- 2011 means just 4 months ago .  Now I am experiencing bad cluster issue in my HDD . On the very first day when I got Blue screen error I run chkdisk and there I see bad cluster errors . after that it runs good for 2 days but after 2 days HDD again crashed showing Blue Screen . then I have downloaded WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS and run a full extended test . the result says “error fund and repaired” after it HDD runs good but just for 1 day this time . now today it again fails showing blue screen .

Please someone explain me what should I do. I shall be very thankful for you kind help

This is what you should do: Contact WD and replace your drive, if possible request a different drive model.