Hard Disk Surface Test Errors in My Passport 1 TB

Hi! i have a western digital my passport 1TB hard disk. Recently it stopped showing up in my computer and only showed up in disk management as unallocated space. So unfortunately i had to format all data and repartition the device. The device then showed up in my computer. Now whenever i try to copy or transfer somethnig from the hard drive or to the hard drive it stops responding after couple of minutes. After running a surface test it shows it has lots of errors. is there a fix to this. Im in india and i bought this hard disk when i was in the USA a couple of months ago so i have no replacement services here. Please help.

The best way to see if the drive failed according to what I have been through is to test the drive with Data Lifeguard Diagnostics. I added the link on the name of the software. Perhaps it could be useful for other people on this community.