Hard disk suddenly stopped working

My hard disk suddenly stopped working. I was transferrng some files from the PC to the hard disk when the connection broke off all of a sudden. After which, i tried to plug the usb cable out and in again to try, the hard disk vibrates (as usual) for about a second, and it stopped vibrating. It hasn’t been working since. I have all my files inside as i use this as my ultimate back up source. Cant afford to lose the files. Help~

Try another cable or computer

check if the drive shows on disk management

Hi, I’ve used different cables and tried it on different computers. It does not work.

When I plug in my hard disk, it vibrates for a while and stops. Hence the computer doesn’t detect it as well. I have only used it for less than a year, and have not dropped it before, so I really don’t know why this is happening. Someone please advise! Thanks!