Hard disk standby

Does hard disk enters standby if Hub is not used?

I think I can hear it early in the morning happily spinning away after the whole night of zero usage… The sound of HD spinning annoys me a bit and standby would conserve power.

You sure you’re hearing the drive and not the fan?

Not entirely sure. It might be the fan. But then it is rather loud.

Still, does somebody know how long does it take for a HD to go into standby? Then I might be able to tell the difference between the sound of HD and the fan.

Just press the power off button for about 3 seconds and you will put the unit into deep standby. The fan and the disc will be off immediately.


Bullsi wrote:

WD AV DVR, 1 TB model,  will not go into standby or power down mode when USB is disconnected or being inactive for an extended period of time !  This is definitely a deficiency in this drive. Is there any software , firmware or setting  available to alter this drive as not having this feature obviously results in unecessary , premature wear and additional power consumption with this drive!  The power off button at the rear of this drive is not easily accessible and once the USB is unplugged at the very least, one would assume the drive should go into stand by or power down.

Are you on the correct forum?