Hard disk slow access

I am heaving major problem while accessing hard disk…
It is set as storage ,and upon trying to access data on hdd its insanely slow…And is causing strange sound ,like spin up every 2 seconds.
I need to backup all my data from it,but it seems impossible task.
Accidentally i found a way to speed up hard disk …If i enable Self Test (quick or extended) hard disk seems to wake up all of a sudden but only during that test.
And rigtht now as i write this,i am using that method to recover my 1tb data from that hard disk…
If i try to stop self test,all speed transfer goes to **bleep**,and hdd just like falls alseep…

Is there any advice you can give me to try to bring my hdd to life?
There is no errors or problems at all via wd tool for hdd.
It does however says that hdd has 3 bad blocks,and just couple hours ago they didn’t existed and hdd was working fine…
Any Advice Please!?

Thank you!

I own Chieftek 850W PSU NTRO
Intel z68 board with 2500K cpu
2x2gb ddr3 ram
Win 7 x64 And Ubuntu 13.04
I did tried replacing cables(sata/power cables)
tested in two different systems
and tested on different PC
Problem exist still

This is the original email i sent to wd…but god knows when and if i will get any answer…so really hoping that here i might…


We recommend testing the drive with our Data Lifeguard Diagnostics.

The software will try to repair the bad blocks.

In regards of retrieving the data, you can try connecting to another computer or try different cables.

You can also try using a data recovery software but I don’t think it make will that much difference if the drive continues to work slow.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows


Oh well
The actuall thing is that hdd is not slow .
it seems that it has problem of keeping spinup.
As i said above ,under linux activate self test (short/ext) and hdd comes to life instant!
That is how i managed to take data out.

But if i stop self test and try to access hdd all i hear is strange noises like brrr /silence/brrr …and **bleep** slow response ,then read then hang again