Hard Disk is not detecting


I purchased this WD hdd 7 months back, model no- WD5000AADS-00M2B0, It was working nicely before 1 day, Now it is not detected in bios at all.

I have tried many ways,

  1. Restarted my system many times.

  2. Replaced the sata cable twice.

There is no result, System is searching that means power is ok and I also have checked that, There must be  a Hardware problem.

Please inform if there is any Solutions for this kind of Problems.



Hi there, if the drive is no longer seen in the BIOS then there’s not much left to do… Try a software able to read drives from DOS (Like DLG), if not then the next step would be to repplace the drive…

Yes, I already have registered for RMA, but there is no call no reply for my RMA, No one has come and NO CALLS from WD or Customer Care. Really I think I just messed up by buying this item.

I have created a RMA on 29th April and requested to collect the Harddisk on 4th of May, but there is no CALL from the corrier or not from WD, I really disapointed with the service.

Please inform what i should do.

My RMA No is - [Deleted]