Hard Disk FAIL

I just wanted to introduce myself. I would never enter a room in real life and just start talking without permission or invite, and certainly didn’t want to do it here. So let me introduce myself. I am currently having trouble with my Hard Disk from my laptop. It started yesterday, WIndows became verry slow and after that windowns din’t started anymore, I already tried some windows tools, format, new partitions, chkdsk etc. but with no luck.  I have tried to get all the data / log of this HD as possible and have 2 log files from Hard Disk Sentinel and a tool from WD, this laptop is not very old, and I am a litle disapointed this is happening. Can you please give me advise on what to do now? 

(I uploaded my 2 log files to my own site) 




Hi well bad sectors never get better only worse. The hard drive that came with your laptop is under 1 year warranty from the people who made the laptop ie HP ,Acer you would need to contact them for any replacement.