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Good evening,

I bought WD TV Live couple of months ago and I’ve been very pleased with this little thing. Before WDTV I had nice ASRock nettop connected to the TV but I noticed that I didn’t really use it that much because in the end, it was just another computer for me. So I sold it and spent some weeks looking for perfect solution. And here I am now, using WDTV almost everyday watching movies or listening to music.

Got the wireless usb adapter couple of weeks ago and next monday I’m getting my hands on better router, so I can watch HD-stuff without lags. But in the end, the most important thing for me is music and Spotify. It’s sad that Spotify isn’t available for media players and I hope it’ll be in the future.

But for now, just a moment ago I bought license for Jamcast which I actually tried for the first time today. I was really impressed how easy it was to set up and how flawlessly it works! Simple install, turn on Spotify, turn on WDTV and start playing :slight_smile:

Anyway, I wanted to share my experience with you.

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Thanks for the tip!

I checked the Jamcast to figure out how it works.

I seems to work through your network to your computer where you have Spotify.

Do I have to make playlists or in my computer to get the music in WD TV Live?

Do it work with the free Spotify?


You simply install Jamcast to your computer and it turns on automatically after the install and if you like, everytime you fire up your Windows. Then you have to open up it’s properties (double-click tray icon) and go to “Sharing” tab and from there into “Virtual Soundcard” tab.

_ Capture audio using : Sound card or other audio interface_

Select your soundcard.

Press “Apply” and you’re all set. You can check the “Server” tab to make sure the service is running.

Now you can open up Spotify and start playing whatever you like. Jamcast simply captures every sound that comes out of your computer and sends it to WDTV.

In WDTV, you should see “Jamcast” in media servers in music menu. Select it and look for “Playlists” and “Virtual Soundcard” . Open it and the music starts playing.

If you can’t hear anything, make sure that you have correct settings enabled in your computer’s sound properties. You should have “Stereo Mix” enabled in “Recording” state.