Happy customer

I currently use my WDTV Live in combination with WLAN Linksys WUSB600N, Linksys WRT610N and Windows Home Server where I store all my media content. Even when I stream a 1080p file, everything is running very smooth without any disconnects.

I made the experience that the following measures helped me to stabilize the connection to the WDTV:

  • Since I use TwonkyMedia Server instead of network shares, the connection is much more stabile
  • My previous Netgear router (WNR3500) were responsible for frequent disconnects, so I have exchanged the router to Linksys WRT610N
  • I use the 5 GHz WLAN (802.11n) just for the WDTV Live (–> media stream), everything else is running 2,4 Ghz in order to minimise interferences

I have to admit that the distance between my WDTV Live and WLAN router is less than 5 meter without any wall in between. However, Sine everything is running pretty well, I have banned my previous entertainment system (Netgear EVA8000) out of my house. Even when there are a few remaining issues, I’m happy with my WDTV Live.


thank you for the idea, i am going to give this a shot on sunday, hope it works, thanks for taking the time to post


Hello, I dont have the WDTV Live yet, but was also considering Twonky or PlayOn. 

I have a DLink 655 and the WRT610N, but your post confuses me.

Do have your WRT610N pluged into the WDTV Live? That would be cool if that worked.


I would assume that the WDTV live has the USB Wireless Adaptor WUSB600N plugged in and is picking up the 5Ghz wireless feed from the WRT610N. The rest of the network is on the 2,4 Ghz wireless feed.