Handbrake Not Processing Titles

Hello all,

I’ve copied nearly all of my DVDs to ISO files thinking that my new 3TB hard drive would be able to handle them all.  Silly me.  Of course it’s nearly full now.

I’m using Handbrake now and I’m attempting to convert the main title from the ISO file into an MKV file.  Some of the ISOs work just fine.  Handbrake looks at the source file, processes the titles and then I can encode them.

Unfortunately some of them don’t work.  Handbrake looks at the ISO file and will process some of the titles in the file and then just look like it’ has stopped. Although I see no error messages or any clue as to the problem.  Other ISO files it won’t even start to process.

Anyone know why some ISO files would work and some won’t?  I really really don’t want to re-copy / rip all of my DVDs again.  :-( 

I would suggest you check into the handbrake support forums… They’re probably better at helping with specific issues. But my first guess is that handbrake is getting “lost” trying to navigate the PGCs from the rip to figure out which titles are real, versus which are fake.