Handbrake - MKV DVD Merge

Does anyone know how to merge 2 DVDs into 1 MKV?  I’m trying to merge 2 DVD parts of a movie into 1 MKV file in Handbrake, but I haven’t figured out how to do it.  Any ideas?

You can’t do it in Handbrake, but you can use MKVMerge…   Just load the first one, then APPEND the second one.

Thanks, TonyPh12345.  Silly question: Can I use MKVMerge to merge 2 .ISOs together?  I don’t seen an option in the program that allows me to do so, but I assume it can.

Okay, MKVMerge worked. Thanks.

MKVMerge worked with ISOs?    That’d be interesting, since MKVMerge is for, well, creating MKVs. 

An ISO is nothing special; it’s just an image of a disk file structure.   To merge them together, you basically unpack them, then REPACK them into a new ISO.

You’ll encounter problems, though, because two DVD ISOs are going to have a lot of duplicate file / folder names, and you can’t just change the names and expect the two DVDs to play correctly.

I suspect what happened is he was able to create a single MKV file from two or more ISOs.  As long as it will accept the input types (and as long as they are identical in terms of type and structure) MKVMerge will join them to a single MKV file.

But it does beg the question on how such a file would play, unless it’s just one single movie.  I may have to experiment (ah, who am I fooling?  I’ll *never* have the time :>)

Hey, guys. 

Actually, what I did was create 1 MKV from 2 MKVs with MKVMerge.  That worked out quite nicely. 

With the ISOs, I unpacked them individually into two separate folders after having ripped only the movie, the soundtrack and the subs.  With MKVMerge I was able to append them together.  I did this because even though it could be done with DVD Shrink, the app keeps the movies separate rather than MKVMerge’s solution of just appending the second part to the first.