Handbook suggestions


Brand new user here. There are a couple of things that arn’t terribly clear in the handbook, perhaps they could be spelled out a bit better or explained. These are just your average newbie things which I’m sure are perfectly obvious to a lot of people but had me stumped!

  • Using My Book Live software, you need to click on the big My Book graphic to see what’s going on in terms of backup
  • Enabling itunes and Twonky sharing has a performance impact
  • Smartware is the name of an auto-created partition when you use this, and if you make and choose another partition to back up to you do not actually need to keep the smartware partition
  • It is not uncommon to lose the My Book Live dashboard when you try to connect to it. Rebooting your My Book may bring it back. If all else fails switching the power on and off may do the trick.
  • Using My Book Live (the cloud service), after you’ve opened a share in Explorer, you need to ‘disconnect’ again afterwards. Just closing the browser without disconnecting does not disconnect you.