Hand-deliver vs Mailing the defective hard drive back

I have just submitted the RMA for Advance replacement. I have not received the new replacement drive yet but ready to send my defective WD1002FAEX back to WD. The drive is already packaged according to the packaging requirement.

The mailing address shown in the shipping label provided by WD is actually 5 min drive from my home. It seems silly and takes longer for me  to mail it. Can I just delivery the packaged defective drive myself to the address in the label rathering than mailing it. Does anyone have similar experience?

Thanks a lot.

Several people have complained about this for some reason…  

People don’t understand that WD’s logistics probably aren’t set up for hand-delivery.  They have tracking dependencies with the carriers, and a workflow set up based on shipping.

No need to modify their systems to address less than 0.001% of the customer-base.

What Tony is saying is true.  We actually use the UPS tracking number to verify the delivery of the RMA.  This way you have validated proof when the drive was actually delivered to us.