Half of .jpeg

When uploading from my mobile device (ios) some pictures will upload half of the picture. This sometimes happens if I upload a single jpeg or a group. Normally the top half of a picture will show up. (Note This does not happen all of the time.) The progress bar for the upload shows a completed upload. I have noticed this issue both on my private wifi network and public wifi network

What I have noticed is that I have uploaded hundreds of pictures to My Cloud.  When I view these JPGs on a PC, using File Explorer, the pictures look fine.  However, when viewed on an iPad, many of the JPGs only have half or less of the picture displayed.  The other part is just a grey background.  I have a feeling this is a problem with the iPad My Cloud picture application.

I hope this is not an indicator of the quality and reliability of WD software.  If it is, it might be time to return this device and choose another manufacturer.

Hi guys, are you using the WD Photos or My Cloud app to view the pictures?

I’m using WD Photo.

I am veiwing the picturs via the My Cloud App.

Carl_R wrote:

I am veiwing the picturs via the My Cloud App.

We have passed this along to support.