Had to replace both drives, amber light now

I had to replace both the drives in my 6Tb live duo. I replaced them with the same type/size that came in it originally. Now all i’m getting is an amber/yellowish light. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

That will be because the Duo’'s operating system is also on the drives. Did both drives fail at the same time? If you had replaced one then it would have worked, What Wd do is sell pre-configured drives for the Duo that have the Operating system on them.

The only other option is to perform a de-bricking procedure.

See: [GUIDE] Debrick a MyBookLive DUO

Okay, so after the mdadm -s /dev/md0… md2… and md3
should it be getting
mdadm: stopped /dev/md0
mdadm: error opening /dev/md2: No such file or directory
mdadm: error opening /dev/md3: No such file or directory

Figured it out, back up and running.

Nice. So I guess you used Guide 2?