Had MYCloud a month and still not working

I have had mycloud a month and despite dozens of emails to wd I cant get it to work. Are there simple instructions somewhere so |I can at least start from the beginning to set it up?

LinAdmin23 wrote:

I had posted an answer to your problem but WD deleted it.

WD did not delete an answer from this thread according to RSS group reader.

what is wrong with the user manual :


Thanks, have worked through that. WD Smartware wont back up. Windows File history wont recognise My Cloud. What now?

Trying to connect manually to my cloud. Its asking for username and password - no idea. Do I have one? It says set yourself up with one - really useful advice - how?


Did you setup the MyCloud using the  WD My Cloud Setup for Windows  or  WD My Cloud Setup for Mac ? Which ever version is needed.

@ jamalaya

I’m not sure what you mean “what is wrong with the user manual ?” The PDF loads fine here.

Using the set up for windows.

He was asking about clear instructions to install the device. That PDF is the manual and it is a good starting point for him.